Lexonis' Competency Consulting Helps You Get It Right

Avoid Mistakes, Save Time and Money

Whether you are using competencies for recruitment, onboarding, learning and development or succession planning for your initiatives to be successful, the experience has to be a good one for your employees, managers and teams.

Use our competency consulting services to help you from the ‘ground up’ to identify suitable competency frameworks; to customise the content to suit your needs; to create competency profiles to benchmark job-related competencies; to prepare your project implementation plan; to launch the project and analyse the results.

Between them our consultants have over 30 years of experience implementing competency solutions. We understand what makes competencies work in practice, not just in theory and also the analytics that you will need in order to achieve your goals. We have worked with companies of all sizes and across numerous industry sectors to successfully bring together solutions that can help you achieve employee, operational and strategic benefits.

If you are as serious about skills, competencies and Talent Management as we are Contact Us.

What our customers say

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  • Federica Alzetta, Electrolux
    • Lexonis provided us with a complete competency solution … their software has proved very popular with our business, quick and easy to use and it provides us with all the reports and applications that we need.
    • Collaborating with Lexonis has been really easy, they are very flexible and they proactively look for and anticipate solutions to accommodate our needs.
    • If you are looking for a complete competency solution, I would highly recommend Lexonis!
  • Caroline Sparks, British Transport Police
    • Lexonis provided us with software tools to capture employee skills, identify skill gaps and determine our learning needs
    • [Lexonis’] ability to provide us with a solution that included consulting, training and software was one of the key reasons that we chose them.
    • Having worked with [Lexonis] I can say that they have exceeded all our expectations.
  • Malcolm Fleming, Common Data Access (CDA), Oil & Gas UK
    • We liked the idea of working with Lexonis because of their combined experience with competencies and the Oil and Gas industry.
    • Lexonis’ experience of developing competency systems – what works and what doesn’t – was invaluable for us during the design process.
    • The CDA Competency Portal that Lexonis have provided is really simple to use and provides longevity as it covers our future as well as existing requirements.
    • I am pleased we selected Lexonis and we are looking forward to working with them on the next phase of our project.
  • Donald H Taylor, The Learning & Performance Institute
    • The Lexonis software platform is so flexible that it has helped us to fulfil our immediate business goals as well as plan for our future requirements with confidence.
  • Ghaleb Alghoutani, Rawabi Holding
    • We did a great deal of research but we quickly realised that the libraries supplied by Lexonis were the most comprehensive, rich and detailed to be found.
  • Steve Philp, The Open Group
    • The Lexonis consultants spared no effort in arriving at a well-thought-out and innovative solution.
  • Lee Haakmester, Tasman HR
    • The technology was ideal, we hardly had to provide any end user training and the Lexonis team were highly responsive…
  • Alan Shrimpton, Interim Head of IT for a public sector organisation in the UK
    • What really impressed me was their [Lexonis] pragmatic approach to the use of SFIA, and their commitment to developing a set of job descriptions that were right for both the organisation and the individual.
    • “[Lexonis] were very much part of the team for the duration of the project and delivered a first class piece of work.