Kickstart Your Competency Management

Andy Andrews

Lexonis Essentials software provides state of the art tools to help you manage your competency frameworks, job profiles and map your learning assets from one online location. Quick and simple setup enables you to focus on successful implementation of your competency management initiative.

  • Develop your own competency frameworks and job profiles
  • Integrate competencies from the IBM Talent Framework library
  • Map competencies to learning and development assets
  • Calibrate job profiles to develop career paths
  • Download job profiles and interview guides

What makes Lexonis Essentials a realistic solution for your organization?

  • Simple interface, little user training required
  • Supports a variety of competency frameworks
  • Online consulting tools to survey project participants
  • Responsive design, usable from desktop to mobile Microsoft Azure Cloud, robust and scalable hosting
  • Assessment and Validation

Resource Management Assign employees to projects, teams and positions based on critical requirements

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Gap and Capability Analysis

Thinking further about the anecdote above, imagine if you were looking to find a person from the 1,400 employees with a unique set of four or five competencies with a specified level of proficiency, someone to work on a project; to fill a vacancy; to succeed someone else – real business requirements. How many hours would it take to sift through the paper responses from the 1,400 employees? On the other hand, well-designed technology can very easily provide a report that lists employees who have matching competency profiles and it can do so within seconds. Technology-led solutions can also provide views on the organization’s competency gaps and capability. Try doing the same with a paper-based assessment!

There are three key types of empathy:

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So, are you still using old-fashioned methods to manage your competency programs? Think about how the technology tools listed in this blog could help you with your competency project. Having said that, it’s not only important to use technology, you need to use something that’s fit for purpose – but that’s a blog for another time.

If you would like to find out more about our Lexonis Essentials and Lexonis TalentScape competency-based talent solutions, feel free to contact us.

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