Webinar: Using Competencies to Drive Employee Engagement

Integrate talent management initiatives that promote employee engagement

Employee Engagement – there’s little doubt that it’s a buzz term that has been trending on Human Resource forums for a little while now. However, this isn’t just a matter of interest for HR professionals. Research shows that engaged employees are simply good for business! Engagement signifies commitment and the benefits to the organization range from improved employee performance and retention all the way through to bottom line profits.

How can competencies promote employee engagement in your organization?

During this webinar we will consider what is meant by the term ‘employee engagement’, why it is so important and how competencies can be used to promote greater engagement in your organization. In particular, we will look at how competencies support the following engagement drivers for your employees:

  • Help them to be successful in their work;
  • Personalize learning and development opportunities for their job;
  • Provide visibility and clarity for their career development;
  • Identify and utilize their hidden skills and competencies;
  • Recognize their value to the organization and to their peers;
  • Develop management competencies that promote engagement.

The webinar will incorporate an interview with Duncan Brand that will draw on real-life examples of how a competency-based approach has helped organizations to successfully improve employee engagement.

The webinar will also consider the pivotal role that well-structured competency frameworks together with Lexonis’ technology solutions can play in helping organizations to successfully promote employee engagement.

Meet the Presenters

Andy Andrews is a competency specialist and a Director of Lexonis (www.lexonis.com) - a provider of competency management solutions. Andy has a long legacy in competency management which started from his time as a senior learning and development manager at Microsoft. Andy’s work has provided him with a wealth of experience in helping many notable public and private sector organizations to successfully implement competency management programs.

Leah Prevost is a Senior Consultant at Lexonis. Leah has extensive experience in Learning and Development and HR for major clients in the Financial Services, IT and Public Sector; Leah works with clients to enhance their Talent Management strategies and develop organizational capability through the use of skills and competency frameworks.

Duncan Brand is the Managing Principal of Intrinsic Talent Solutions, a niche consulting group focused on helping clients in their organizational development and effectiveness efforts, specifically in competency-based talent management and succession planning. Prior to forming Intrinsic Talent Solutions, Duncan worked as HR Strategy Director for Cisco Systems. Previous senior roles have included companies such as Aerojet Rocketdyne, Safeway Inc., Hewlett-Packard, California ISO and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

Duncan graduated with his Masters from Gonzaga University in Organizational Leadership, an MBA from Golden Gate University, and a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from California State University, Sacramento; he is a member of the Human Capital Institute (HCI) as a facilitator, American Talent & Development and Society of Consulting Psychology.

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