Using Competencies to Drive Employee Engagement

Andy Andrews

We recently delivered a webinar on the subject ‘Using Competencies to Drive Employee Engagement’. If you didn’t manage to attend, please find a recording of the webinar here.

In our webinar, we discussed the relationship between employer, employee, and the organisation, and the need to create an environment in which employees wake up, and are excited to go to work each day. We believe that competencies can play a key part in developing a culture of engagement within organisations. To summarise, below are some of the main competency-based engagement drivers that we discuss with our clients:


Developing an engaged workforce can begin through the recruitment process!

Competency-based interviewing techniques, and competency-defined job roles can help seek out employees whose behaviours, attributes, and career goals are clearly in line with the organisation’s engagement culture.

Particularly when recruiting managers, using competency definitions can help to define and identify candidates whose behaviours that are conducive to nurturing a culture of employee engagement. Skills can be developed, recruit for behavioural traits which are far harder to learn.

Learning and Development

Good communication, is key to employee engagement. Clearly identifying which competencies are required for an employee to be successful in their role can inform open dialogue between a manager and employee regarding the employee’s learning and development and training to prosper in the role.

Career Planning

Providing a clear and visible career path enables employees to see their opportunities for growth and development in the organisation. No more feeling like they are stuck in a dead end job! Career paths developed with competencies in mind, help employees to see their own potential for growth, either vertically (within their job family), or horizontally (across their job band) – a great talking point for employee and managers during the development discussion.

Performance Management

We’ll say it again – good communication is crucial for helping employees feel engaged. A clear understanding of what “good performance looks like”, through the definition of successful behaviours, further aids dialogue between employer and employee, and contributes greatly at performance appraisal time.

Where Do I go From Here?

To find out more about Lexonis competency solutions – our frameworks and software, request a demo and don’t forget to download our webinar recording ‘Using Competencies to Drive Employee Engagement’!

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