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Skills Gaps
Skills Gaps? What’s the Problem?

Skills Gaps? What’s the Problem? At Lexonis we help organ...

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Performance Management
How Talent Management Can Survive and Thrive Through Remote Working

Let’s be clear, COVID-19 hasn’t been the sole driver for man...

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HR Analytics
How to Leverage HR Data for Strategic Decision-making

Donald H Taylor, Chair at the Learning Technologies Conferen...

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10th February 2022

Skills in 2022: Why Buy vs. Build is the Wrong Question

Overview How does your organization tackle skills gaps? As employers increasingly face challenges a...

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21 November 2019

Tackling the 3 Key Concerns of IT Talent Management

Overview Three topics dominate discussion in HR today: business critical skill gaps, career mobilit...

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7th May 2019

Why Great Career Pathways Start with Fully-aligned Competencies

Overview When employees know their next step in development at work, it has wide-ranging impact. Na...

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Case Studies


The Challenge The goal of Cisco’s Inclusive Future and Stra...

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A driving goal for SITA is to be recognised as an employer o...

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Competencies 101

Competencies can be a complex topic and elicit many divergen...

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Manage IT Skills With SFIA - Start here

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) has been...

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5 Ways to Retain Your Employees

One of the biggest overheads for many organizations today is...

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