Write Better Job Descriptions

Too many job descriptions are vague and inconsistent, making it difficult to identify and attract the right internal or external candidate.

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Articulate what good looks like

When recruiting, a poorly written job description can lead to a bad hiring decision that can end up costing you; it can be time-consuming, expensive and morale-sapping.

Inform your hiring decisions

Job descriptions are critical for your internal Talent Management processes too, informing ‘build vs. buy’ decisions and career progression discussions.

Get specific about the skills you need

At Lexonis we understand that clear and precise job descriptions that clearly identify the skills attributes and proficiency levels, that are crucial for successful performance in each role, will help you to attract and retain the best talent, and save you time and money.

Speed up your hiring process

Don’t let vague job descriptions hold your organization back. Using the Lexonis software platform and job profile and skill/competency library fast-track the process of generating specific, skills-based job descriptions.