Power Your Competency Project with IBM Talent Frameworks

Tap into the IBM framework library to take your talent further.

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Leverage the power of off-the-shelf

Save time and money by editing these off-the-shelf AI-researched competency definitions – technical and non-technical – to suit your requirements.

Unparalleled competency coverage

Only the library from the IBM talent team provides such a rich set of competencies covering 3000+ job profiles and 2000+ associated competencies across numerous industry sectors.

Stay in-tune with your industry

Each framework undergoes a comprehensive AI-researched annual review to identify changes, add or enhance content and keep your organization up to date.

Integrate with other systems

Use the IBM Talent Frameworks and Lexonis technology alongside your other HRIS and LMS systems.

Lexonis – the perfect frameworks partner

Lexonis can provide you with an all-in-one solution combining the IBM Talent Frameworks with Lexonis technology and expertize to help you better understand your workforce capabilities.

Utilise Lexonis Essentials, a set of user-friendly, built-for-purpose online job and competency content management tools to help you to fully leverage the value of the frameworks.

Use Lexonis TalentScape to capture employee competencies, identify career opportunities and analyse organizational capability and competency gaps.

We offer free advice on getting the most from your frameworks and if you need more help, we can provide consulting support for your project.

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