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Tap into our competency frameworks and AI-enabled tools to take your talent further.

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Why Competencies?

Ready to use

Quickly identify and use industry benchmarked competencies and job roles.

Fully customizable

Tweak competency and job role definitions to reflect your unique organization.

All encompassing

Technical and non-technical competencies, job definitions, interview questions and development suggestions.

Plan careers for the future

Gain insight into employee career planning that aligns with your corporate objectives.

Identify high priority development

Improve employee development where it matters most through careful analysis of your largest workforce competency gaps.

Leverage your experts

Identify employees with specialist competencies for project assignments and mentoring.

Excel at employee matching

Create an agile workforce by identifying job candidates by their competencies.

  • “Our initial requirement was to rationalise our job profiles, so that we could use them to model best practice, support our recruitment processes and encourage career development. Lexonis guided us through the project and anticipated all our requirements and challenges. We now use Lexonis solutions – software, frameworks and services – for all our competency needs, and we are delighted with the results!”

    Okan Kibaroglu

    Head Of Business Operations,
    Imperial College London

  • “Working with Lexonis has been great, they have provided fantastic, prompt responses whenever we have had queries. Also, as a result of their long experience of working with competencies, they have been able to anticipate our needs and offer suggestions to meet them. The Lexonis software platform is so flexible that it has helped us to fulfil our immediate business goals as well as plan for our future requirements with confidence.”

    Donald H Taylor

    The Learning and Performance Institute