Employee Engagement: 3 Things I’ve Learned

Andy Andrews

As the year winds down and organisations start planning for Q1 2018, Employee Engagement schemes are very much on the agenda with managers looking to implement strategies that foster career growth and development in the New Year. Despite the subject of Employee Engagement  trending as an HR topic (particularly this year!) organisations still lack the know-how to be effective with their Employee Engagement schemes.

How can a competency-based approach help organisations seeking a solution to the Employee Engagement question?

Here’s my personal experience from working at organisations such as Microsoft; below are 3 ways that helped me feel valued and engaged as an employee and made my working experience enjoyable.

  1. Being given the opportunity to learn and map my career progression made me feel excited about my potential and growth within the company
  2. Having clear lines of communication with managers made me feel like I was valued as an employee.
  3. Working in great facilities was enjoyable but above that, being part of a bigger project and collaboration made me feel proud to work for Microsoft.

Whilst the above list is not exhaustive, these are just some ways in which you may be able to help your employees enjoy their work, feel valued and engaged with your organisation too.

If you would like to learn more about Employee Engagement, register here for our upcoming free webinar, 3 Key Management Practices for Boosting Employee Engagement on November 29th, 2017, when Donald H Taylor, chairman of the Learning and Development Institute, and Gordon Ritchie, Talent Framework evangelist, discuss how you can get the best out of your engagement practice.


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