Axos Bank

Retaining and Developing Top Talent at Axos Bank with Lexonis and IBM

The Challenge

Axos Bank is a technology-driven financial services company that provides innovative banking products and services to its customers.

The Bank’s driving principle is Banking EvolvedSM and it prides itself on a never-ending process of improved customer experience driven through technological innovation.

As a dynamic, digital business, Axos Bank had a requirement to establish clear and consistent job descriptions that would enable employees to navigate their career path across the organization.

The Bank also needed the ability to recognize levels of expertise to support succession planning activities and development programs for future leaders.

Lexonis has built a fantastic platform that I am so thrilled to have for my organization. 
It’s fantastic what we are able to do. The IBM Talent Framework library along with the Lexonis Essentials toolset is really easy to use. – Andy Trani, SHRM-CP

First Vice President, Human Resources

The Solution

Axos Bank has 39 job families with over 200 unique jobs. The Bank leveraged job templates and skill definitions from the IBM Talent Framework library within Lexonis’ skill management software – Lexonis Essentials – to manage, define and validate their jobs and skills.

Utilizing the Lexonis tools and IBM library has enabled Axos Bank to fully engage with their business Subject Matter Experts to rapidly define and validate skills-based job profiles.

Harnessing the data exchange capabilities of the Lexonis’ platform, the Bank has ported their skills-based job profiles to their human capital management system which has helped to increase job transparency and facilitate meaningful career development conversations across the business.

The Results

Hosting the IBM library of jobs and skill definitions and then fashioning them to meet the business requirements in the Lexonis skills management platform has provided a firm basis for job profile definitions that are then shared with the Axos Bank human capital management system. Using the combined IBM and Lexonis solution has provided the Bank with the following benefits:

Employee skill gap identification targeted for personalised learning plans.

Transparency of employee career development opportunities based on skills-based career paths.

Clear and consistent skills language to support cohesive talent management processes such as talent acquisition, talent mobility, and succession planning.

Greater return on the Bank’s investment in its human capital management platform and processes.

The team at Lexonis is super helpful and responsive, I never have to wait to get the assistance that I need, and this is truly amazing. I work with lots of SaaS vendors and one of the key differentiators with Lexonis is their fantastic customer service. – Andy Trani, SHRM-CP

First Vice President, Human Resources

The Future

Axos Bank is an innovative employer committed to constant improvement and is willing to invest in their workforce for the long term.

By providing easy access to the IBM framework library, the Lexonis approach to job profiling has helped Axos Bank to recognize the importance of continuing to engage with the workforce in defining clear up-to-date skills-based job profiles and getting business buy-in.

Andy Trani says: “The Lexonis approach has certainly helped the organization to gain an understanding of which skills are critical for success today but also to inform our strategic talent development decisions for the future.”

Why Lexonis Software?

Ongoing software innovation and development by competency specialists

Flexible product platform for development of new interfaces and tools

Responsive design, scales from mobile to desktop device dynamically

Interface and content multi-language capability Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud
ISO 27001: 2013 Certified


Axos Bank is FDIC-insured and is headquartered in San Diego, US. The Bank’s holding company Axos Financial, is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

The company was founded as a digital bank in 2000 and since then, has grown into a full- fledged, technology-based financial services company serving consumers, businesses, and institutions, offering competitive interest rates, low to no fees, and convenient access.