How Lexonis Essentials Helps Cisco Source and Develop Top Talent

The Challenge

The goal of Cisco’s Inclusive Future and Strategy group is to provide an inclusive experience for all current and prospective employees.  With a focus on talent, Cisco was looking to transform the way it develops skills and learning across the company and to provide employees with opportunities for growth. 

The burden fell to HR and other business areas to manually validate aspects of the talent cycle, such as job profile creation and skill mapping. Cisco needed to find a solution to automate this process.

The Solution

After an extensive search and market comparison, Cisco chose Lexonis Essentials as their solution to provide automated feedback for job profile creation. In deploying the Lexonis solution, Cisco learnt they needed to identify a simple and efficient process for making updates to existing job role profiles within an agreed governance framework. 

Time saving features in the Lexonis solution, such as Job Role Profiles as a source of record for skill mapping, and the Job Profile Survey for gaining feedback on skills for each job profile, have enabled Cisco to meet their efficiency targets for keeping the descriptions of their jobs up to date. With help from Lexonis consultants, Cisco was able to configure APIs in the software platform to integrate with Cisco’s existing broader talent ecosystem and ensure the seamless use of job and skill mapping data throughout the business. Lexonis consultants and Cisco were also able to work together to create a decentralized governance system.

We selected Lexonis Essentials because it significantly reduced the time required to automate the feedback process related to job profile role creation!”

Alistair Antoine

Cisco Senior Manager
Talent, Skills and Learning Innovation

The Results

Prior to the implementation of Lexonis Essentials, skill data sets were splintered, and this made them extremely difficult to measure and manage. In addition, the user experience was disjointed and required a lot of manual updating, which often led to duplication of skills data. 

Now that Lexonis Essentials is in place as the sole source of skill mapping for job role profiles, Cisco is enjoying the benefits of a consistent skills taxonomy and framework across multiple systems. Cisco can now drive targeted and relevant recommended learning to its employees and match them to relevant opportunities in areas where they may wish to develop themselves further.

The Future

For a company like Cisco, skilled employees are its most important asset. And being able to keep ahead of the competition in this area is essential. Simply keeping up just isn’t good enough. 

Thanks to Lexonis Essentials, Cisco can now update job profiles where necessary, resulting in benefits across the business. These updates can be based on internal subject matter expertise or external market data and trends. The result is job profiles that are, and will continue to be, highly relevant.

Lexonis enables us to lead with a compelling employee experience that provides incentive for employees to keep their skill profiles updated. Our company benefits from relevant, enriched skills data on which we can make data-driven decisions and investments.” 

Alistair Antoine

Cisco Senior Manager
Talent, Skills and Learning Innovation

Why Lexonis Essentials?

  • Ongoing software innovation and development by competency specialists
  • Flexible product platform for development of new interfaces and tools
  • Responsive design, scales from mobile to desktop device dynamically
  • Multiple option import, export and integration technology support
  • Interface and content multi-language capability
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • ISO 27001: 2013 Certified