Description of the Lexonis Essentials service

Description of the Lexonis Essentials service

The Lexonis Essentials software service is based on a platform that Lexonis may modify for a particular client. The platform has a number of features that together provide the “Service”. These features may be enabled or disabled for a particular client and additional features and functionality may also be defined.
The core platform remains consistent and is described in this schedule.

1. Architecture

1.1. The Service is an online, cloud-based service accessible by any modern web browser.
1.2. Access is restricted to authenticated users.
1.3. Access to functionality is role-based and managed by an authenticated administrator.
1.4. All passwords are salted and hashed.
1.5. The Service supports multiple languages.

2. Competency Management

2.1. The Service provides a flexible tool to manage, review and deploy competency frameworks (also known as skill frameworks) within an organisation or membership body.
2.2. The Service allows additional attributes to be associated with the competencies in order to extend the applicability and benefits that can be gained from the framework.
2.3. The Service provides different ways of interacting with the framework and associated attributes.
2.4. The Service supports the definition of job role profiles in order to define the competencies for each job in an organisation or to allow membership bodies to provide functionality for their members.

3. Competency-based Functionality

3.1. The service provides various competency-based features, including;
3.1.1. Competency Frameworks
3.1.2. Job Role Profile View
3.1.3. Job Role Profile Comparison
3.1.4. Interview Guides
3.1.5. Career Development Activities
3.1.6. Coaching Tips
3.1.7. Learning Solutions

4. Reporting

4.1. The Service provides a number of online and offline reports that can be restricted based on the user’s permission. These report formats include;
4.1.1. Adobe PDF
4.1.2. Microsoft Excel
4.1.3. CSV

5. Administration Functions

5.1. The service provides a number of tools and interfaces which can be used to add and modify content, including:
5.1.1. Add and modify competencies and competency frameworks
5.1.2. Add and modify job role profiles and job families
5.1.3. Map competencies to job role profiles
5.1.4. Add learning assets and map them to competencies
5.1.5. Add single data items or bulk insert job, competency and learning data
5.1.6. Add and manage user accounts
5.1.7. Assign permissions to the client’s authorized administrators