Healthcare Skills and Assessment

Skills are the code to deciphering your organizations true capability and needs. With the help of Lexonis’ AI-powered software, competency frameworks and consulting services you can quickly identify required skills, standardize job profiles, assess and inventory current capability, and have actionable data to drive your talent management strategy.

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Identify, Analyze, and Act on Skills Intelligence Data in Healthcare

Just as data from medical devices informs treatment decisions, skills intelligence data empowers Human Resources (HR) teams to strategically manage talent. By understanding the skills required for healthcare roles, HR can enhance recruitment, retention, and employee development, ultimately leading to better patient care.

Consulting and Frameworks For Healthcare

Find out how Lexonis software and consulting and the use of the IBM Talent Frameworks help a large organization move away from spreadsheets to an efficient online-based system, standardizing existing job profiles, developing new ones and proving regulatory compliance.

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