Lexonis’ response to requests for Third Level Support depends on the severity of the Defect. The levels of severity are defined in the table below. Lexonis will respond to reports of Defects made by the Client by sending an automated message via the web-page acknowledging receipt of the report, in accordance with that table and will try to resolve Defects reported by the Client (depending on their severity) in accordance with that table.

Severity of the Defect Definition Response Time
(starting from the time at which Lexonis logs the Client’s request for Third Level Support)
Target Resolution Time
(starting from the time at which Lexonis logs the Client’s request for Third Level Support)
1 A Defect which causes a major failure of the Service, affecting all users of the Service, e.g.:

  • loss of data network services
  • loss of web servers
  • loss of database servers
  • loss of Lexonis’ server LAN environment
  • loss of Lexonis’ gateway to the internet
1 Business Hour 1 Business Day
2 A Defect which has a severe impact on the provision of the Service to the Client, e.g. the loss of a critical part of the Service 4 Business Hours 2 Business Days
3 A Defect which has a moderate impact on the Client’s business; it prevents the processing of the Client’s data or causes substantial inconvenience to or impose an additional workload on Authorised Users 4 Business Hours 3 Business Days
4 A Defect which has a minor impact on the Client’s business, e.g. a cosmetic Defect or an Enhancement Request 1 Business Day 3 Business Days

The Client’s administrators, not Lexonis, will provide first and second level support for the Service to Authorised Users, that is the Client will:-

  • log reports of problems and issues encountered by Authorised Users, provide an initial response (including the provision of general product information) to Authorised Users, perform basic problem diagnosis and resolution, provide basic support for the Service, provide regular problem status reports to Authorised Users and, where possible, resolve reported problems and issues; and
  • resolve mis-configurations, troubleshoot and simulate configurations, categorise problems and issues and identify Defects, provide simulations to reproduce and assist in troubleshooting problems and issues, define action plans for the resolution of problems and issues, provide advanced support for the Service, and escalate Defects which the Client cannot resolve to Lexonis to provide Third Level Support.