Attract Great People with Skill-based Hiring and Development

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29th September 2022


15:00 BST


Andy Andrews

Donald H Taylor

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Employers regularly claim that people are their greatest asset, but fail to do anything about it. Worst of all, they ignore the most important part of a company’s talent pipeline: its beginning. They recruit based on how candidates perform in an interview, rather than according to the most important thing they are hired for: what they can actually do.

In this webinar Donald H Taylor and Andy Andrews explore why recruitment is too often a hit-and-miss affair, and examine an alternative to résumés, qualifications and references as a way to understand what a candidate can really do.

In this webinar we will consider:

  1. Setting hiring managers up for success without taking up all their time
  2. The commercial impact of skill-based hiring (clue: it’s big)
  3. Why interviews alone are a poor way of judging aptitude
  4. Understanding the skills you have and the skills you need
  5. Recruitment as an integral part of the candidate/employee journey

The Presenters

Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews is a Director and Principal Consultant at Lexonis and has gained a wealth of experience by helping many notable public and private sector organisations to successfully implement skill and competency management programs.

Donald H Taylor

Donald H Taylor is a 30-year veteran of the learning, skills and human capital industries, with experience at every level from design and delivery to chairman of the board. He has chaired the Learning Technologies Conference in London since 2000.