HR Analytics: Why Deep Data Beats Big Data

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19 September 2017


15:00 BST


Chris Webb

Donald H Taylor

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Open any technology magazine and it seems impossible to escape the phrase ‘big data’. Believe the articles and they seem to promise so much: how terabytes of data will help you solve some of the largest issues in your organization – whatever they are. But there’s another point of view. While big data is transforming business-to-consumer marketing and product development for the likes of Amazon and Netflix, for other organizations, having big data is less important than the right data. 

Join Learning and Performance Institute chairman Donald H Taylor and Head of Quality Assurance at SITA Chris Webb, as they explore how a smart approach to analytics can transform the role of HR. The secret: having the right data and smart ways to analyse it. 

This webinar will cover:

  1. How smart organizations are using data-driven HR analytics
  2. Shifting from transactional HR activity to strategic guidance 
  3. Why so many apparent issues are symptoms of deeper issues 
  4. Taking your next steps to a deep-data approach

The Presenters

Chris Webb

Chris Webb is the Head of Quality Assurance at SITA Aero and a key sponsor for the Career Development project at SITA. Chris previously worked as the Business Improvement and Quality Director at Thales and Flagship Training where he was also instrumental in managing the implementation of competency-based Talent Management projects.

Donald H Taylor

Donald H Taylor is a 30-year veteran of the learning, skills and human capital industries, with experience at every level from design and delivery to chairman of the board. He has been chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute since 2010.