British Transport Police

How Lexonis and SFIA Helped BTP to Attract and Retain Its Top Talent

British Transport Police (BTP) is a UK-based law enforcement agency focused on safeguarding railways, trains, stations, and transport infrastructure, with a core mission of protecting passengers, staff, and property in this context. BTP officers respond to incidents, investigate crimes, enforce laws, and ensure a visible presence on the rail network, vital for maintaining UK transport integrity and passenger safety.

Committed to enhancing railway safety and efficiency, BTP’s IT technology function continually advances public safety through cutting-edge innovation. Leveraging advanced tech and data analytics, they create solutions for smarter policing, efficient incident management, and the prevention of railway-related crimes.

The Solution

To address their challenges, BTP turned to Lexonis, a global SFIA Accredited Partner, Consultant and technology provider. BTP utilised Lexonis TalentScape, a software service that includes functionality for job description management, skills framework development, and talent development support. Lexonis TalentScape provided BTP with the tools needed to create and centrally manage consistent job descriptions aligned with skills from the SFIA framework while also allowing the use of business skills and technology definitions e.g., specific programming languages.

The impact of Lexonis TalentScape on BTP’s talent management and compensation benchmarking efforts has also been substantial. BTP has been able to attract and retain highly skilled individuals by paying in line with market rates that accurately reflect their skills and worth in line with their job descriptions. This approach not only improved employee satisfaction but also streamlined the compensation benchmarking process, reducing reliance on the Reward department.

One of the key benefits that attracted BTP was the ability of the Lexonis solution to capture skill levels across the department and create tailored development journeys for the members of the technology team. Additionally, BTP wanted to benchmark their pay grades against market rates using SFIA skills and levels, allowing them to bridge the gap in pay and attract top talent to the organization.

The Results

The implementation of Lexonis TalentScape has been a resounding success. The software, combined with consulting services provided by Lexonis, enabled BTP to achieve their objectives efficiently. Lexonis consultants were instrumental in defining project timescales, understanding the organisation’s unique requirements, and providing skill definitions for non-technical skills and technology tools, which are not covered by the SFIA framework.

BTP now possesses a centralized portal housing employee skills and consistent job descriptions. This resource is invaluable in informing future skills requirements, aiding in talent attraction and retention efforts, and providing a foundation for effective talent management.

The Future

The technology team at BTP are enthusiastic about the future possibilities enabled by the Lexonis TalentScape software service; they plan to use it as a comprehensive talent management, career progression, and resource planning tool. Members of BTP’s technology team will be able to map out their career journeys using the SFIA framework and will help the team to optimise resource
allocation and planning.

In conclusion, with some initial help from the Lexonis consulting team, the Lexonis TalentScape software service in conjunction with the SFIA framework have empowered BTP to transform their skills management, talent development, and compensation benchmarking processes, positioning them for continued success!

Why Lexonis Software?

  • Ongoing software innovation and development by competency specialists
  • Flexible product platform for development of new interfaces and tools
  • Responsive design, scales from mobile to desktop device dynamically
  • Multiple option import, export and integration technology support
  • Interface and content multi-language capability
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • ISO 27001: 2013 Certified