Healthcare Case Study

Meeting Deadlines to Build Skills-based Job Profiles for Healthcare with Lexonis and IBM Talent Frameworks

The Challenge

Our healthcare client faced the formidable task of rationalizing and updating over 1,600 disparate job profiles. The existing profiles lacked consistency, and previous attempts at skill mapping had extended for such a duration that the data had become out of date. This challenge was compounded by the nature of crucial information being spread across multiple spreadsheets and an outdated HRIS. The impending migration to a new HRIS was at risk due to an absence of consistent adequate tools and processes.

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The Solution

To address these challenges, our client adopted Lexonis Essentials, a skills management software service, complemented by Lexonis consulting services and the IBM Talent Framework library.

Each job profile underwent meticulous refinement to ensure uniformity in language, taxonomy, and structure. Key fields such as job title, description, and responsibilities were uniformly defined, typically comprising 5-7 actionable points. Leveraging the IBM Talent Framework library, behavioral and technical skills were aligned with appropriate proficiency levels, complementing the client’s organizational values. Additional attributes such as Physical Activities, Education, and Certifications were carefully curated for each role.

The integration of AI technology within Lexonis Essentials proved invaluable, streamlining the drafting process for job profiles. AI algorithms generated initial drafts, including comprehensive descriptions and key responsibilities, while also identifying essential skills based on market data. Calibration and survey functionalities facilitated thorough comparison and refinement of profiles, ensuring consistency and facilitating iterative improvements.

The Results

Implemented in a phased approach, the project initially focused on standardizing existing roles before progressing to the development of new profiles with consistent rigor. Lexonis Essentials adeptly managed the intricacies of healthcare job taxonomy and processes, enabling a seamless transition away from multiple spreadsheets toward efficient content management. Looking forward, integration with the new HRIS promises continued synchronization between systems.

The Future

Currently in the second phase of their three-phase initiative, our client has successfully validated and approved approximately 700 roles, positioning them well to meet critical migration deadlines to their new HRIS. Embracing a skills-centric approach to job architecture will yield numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced visibility of certifications for legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Clear pathways for career progression fostering employee engagement.
  • Targeted recruitment efforts to address skill gaps.
  • Objective feedback mechanisms to improveemployee satisfaction and retention.
  • Tailored learning and development initiatives to nurture talent and address organizational needs.

Why Lexonis Software?

  • Ongoing software innovation and development by competency specialists
  • Integrated AI-enhanced functionality to build job profiles and skills
  • Responsive design, scales from mobile to desktop device dynamically
  • Multiple option import, export and integration technology support
  • Interface and content multi-language capability
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • ISO 27001: 2013 Certified


Hospital and Research Institute 10,000 + Employees
Learning and Performance Group

The partnership between Lexonis and the client facilitated:

• Standardization of job profiles and skill definitions to ensure coherence.
• Development of new processes informed by stakeholder input.
• Knowledge transfer to empower independent project completion.
• Integration of best practices into the job profiling process.